Reception services

The personal attention your visitors and staff deserve

Customers, employees, and candidates have increasingly higher expectations. An excellent and personal reception contributes to successful meetings and gatherings. That's why we place only the best people at your front office.

Because every organisation is different, we always provide you with a personalised proposal for the design and operation of your unique reception area.

Reception Services with the best hostesses and hosts

By outsourcing your reception services to bouwens&, you are choosing professional hostesses and hosts. These specialists are ready when guests enter, walk up to them and smile when greeting them. But our experts do so much more.

The feeling of having a personal assistant

Throughout their stay, people feel like they have a personal assistant at their disposal. The host or hostess is available to your visitors and employees at any time and completely attunes the service to their wishes and needs. Walking them to the appointment, a fresh cappuccino, connecting the projector, arranging catering, ordering taxis; they have thought of everything. Their reward? The smiles people take home with them.


Always a personalised proposal for designing and managing your unique reception

The type of reception you desire depends on the specific structure, culture, and needs of your organisation. Receptel takes care of your reception from start to finish. A preliminary study of the job requirements and your specific needs enables us to initiate a high-quality recruitment process and to professionally manage your reception area.

Receptel guarantees seamless task management and ensures the continuous development of your reception through coaching and training for our reception specialists. Upon your request, we conduct quality audits and can also guarantee a consistent 100% occupancy rate if desired. In this way, Receptel ensures that your reception always offers the highest level of hospitality.


Never an empty reception desk again

With our backup pool of reception specialists, we always cover both planned and unplanned absences of your receptionist. Our Operations team is available for you every workday, from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. This ensures that Receptel consistently provides a warm welcome, day in and day out. Our experts are pre-trained to run your reception desk efficiently and independently.

Try & Hire

Scouting for your ideal reception expert

Only the best candidate is good enough for Receptel! Following a profile analysis, we initiate a customised selection process. The duration is mutually determined. Upon a positive evaluation, the employee will become a permanent member of your staff.

Everything for hospitality in your surroundings

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